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Is my order ready?

Is it past the estimated order completion date on your receipt? If so your wine is ready. If not please sit tight! We will contact you as soon as it is ready to book a bottling. 

Did you provide an email on your account?

If yes and you have not received an email by the Estimated Completion date on your receipt, please check your email junk mail on this estimated completion date. Often servers will divert our email to junk . If this has happened, please mark us as a safe sender for future instances and click on the link to book your bottling appointment...

If we are not in your junk mail or you did not provide an email address, and it is past your estimated order completion date, we apologize for this inconvenience... Please suggest several dates and times that work for you for bottling and we will confirm one!

Thank you!

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1 comment

  • Joanne Cheal

    I’d like to book my wine bottling for June 23 around 1 pm.  Thank you.

    Joanne Cheal

    Joanne Cheal